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Our cost-effective solution for companies to develop people-leaders with 1-on-1 coaching, premium digital courses, goal-setting and focus meetups, and more. 

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Workshops don't have to be boring! Our approach is one that teams love and that consistently produces real results in the culture and the work.


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Most events feel like an obligation people aren't excited about. Your event can be different if you have a speaker who actually engages the audience!


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Leadership Development That Actually WOrks

Most leadership programs are costly and the change doesn't actually stick.

Whether it's engagement, retention, remote-work challenges, productivity, or fixing team dysfunction... real change happens when individuals have coaching.

Problem is, this isn't usually affordable for the whole team. To solve this, we created the Greenhouse Membership for Teams - a low-cost subscription that delivers big results.

Individuals get 1:1 coaching (using our roadmap of people-leader topics), along with digital courses and group sessions to set goals and stay focused. We find it's especially impactful for people-leaders who were great doers, but now find themselves needing to lead!

The #1 thing great people want is to be invested in, not more resources. And since you don't always have the time, we take it off your plate so your team gets better, feels cared for, and is excited about work.

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Weekly or Bi-Weekly 45min One-on-One Coaching with Leadership Growth Roadmap Topics

Focus + Productivity Premium Digital Courses

Weekly Meetups for Goal-Setting + Weekly Priority Planning

Community with Other Leaders on the App

Bi-Weekly One-on-One 60min Coaching Sessions with an Experienced  Greenhouse Executive Coach

Intake Assessment to Identify Points of Leverage + Quick Growth

Personality Assessment to Action Plan for Passions, Strengths + Blindspots

Other Coaching Tools Used As Needed

Spot-call + Messaging Access and Flexible Scheduling as Needed

Weekly One-on-One 60min Coaching Sessions with a Greenhouse Career Coach

Career Sweetspot Course to Identify Ideal Job-Fit

Transferrable Skills

Simple Personal Brand Statement

Resume + LinkedIn

Networking + Interview Prep

Offer Negotiation

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Develop People-Leaders + Fix Team Dysfunction

Create Clarity with Strategic Planning + Team Norms

Increase Engagement + Retention

Improve Safety, Trust + Communication

Increase Productivity, Ownership + Profitability

Decrease Overwhelm + Burnout

VP at mid-size company

Experiencing higher dysfunction with all the changes going on, his team of leaders needed a spark of energy. Trust was low, turnover increasing, and the leaders struggling with how to develop people well. 

See how Greenhouse partnered with Andrew's team to increase trust, engagement, and productivity.

Meet Andrew

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Managing VP at Fortune 500

Working in a fast-paced  industry, organizational shifts left her team disconnected and lacking clear direction. Aparna recognized the need for better self-awareness, collaboration, and decision-making.

Learn how Greenhouse partnered with Aparna's team to restore trust, focus, and healthy rhythms.


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Meet Andrew

VP of Product Support
IT/Tech business services

Andrew is the Vice President of Product Support for an IT/Tech Company that employees approximately 2,000 employees and delivers over $100 million in annual revenue.

Andrew leads a team of about 70 employees. He and his team are responsible for building and operating software solutions for a wide of range of business clients. 

In his role, he carries a lot of responsibility and noticed his team had become dysfunctional during a period of change. 

The team was dispersed and Andrew sensed that trust was missing from the team. 

The Challenge

As a result of many changes, the team was now dispersed and had very low trust with one another.

Andrew had noticed that the team engagement and retention also continued to drop, causing a ripple effect in the team's ability to deliver for their clients. 

The team began to develop a spirit of competition, rather than collaboration, leaving meetings feeling more like a grudge match of who was right and who was wrong, than a time to develop ideas and solutions. 

This continued to infiltrate the team to the point that no one was talking to one another and no one wanted to take ownership.

Andrew Tried To Help

Knowing that something had to change, Andrew tried all that he knew to do to help impact the team and change the team dynamics. 

He started with scheduling more group discussions in hopes of airing out some of the issues within the team. Those discussions involved a lot of talking, but ultimately, very little progress towards a solution. 

Andrew also looked to his 1:1's with his team and their teams. But he quickly found that those meetings lacked the genuine connection and development he aimed for. Employees left their 1:1's feeling like they were merely status updates with the boss. 

Andrew knew he needed helped turning this team around so he reached out to Greenhouse for help! 

Greenhouse Teams Strategy

After assessing the team and it's current state, Greenhouse provided Andrew and his team with a strategy that addressed the most pressing team dysfunctions, while also taking the personal development responsibility off of the leader's shoulders.

First, Greenhouse hosted team workshops on core topics, including:
- Trust & Safety
- Team Rhythms & Meeting Modes
- Ownership & Ambiguity
- Leading Effective 1:1s and Difficult Conversations

These workshops gave the team the frameworks they  needed to begin building healthy 1:1 meetings while also giving the team rhythms and language to appropriately discuss challenges and projects.

Greenhouse Teams Strategy

Once the workshops were set, Greenhouse was able to take the personal development responsibility off of the leader's shoulders through the Greenhouse Membership. 

The Membership provided team members with powerful monthly one-on-one coaching sessions to address their pressing individual needs along with the key topics to become a better leader. Not only that, but the Membership gave them access to:

On-Demand Premium Digital Courses

Monthly Masterclasses

Group Meetups for Goal-Setting and Weekly Planning

The Results

As a result of the partnership with Greenhouse, Andrew's team began to work with more trust and focus. They are more interested in taking initiative on projects and working together to collaborate effectively. 

Team members reported that they felt the direction of their team was clearer, making it easier for them to engage in their roles. Most importantly they reported that they finally felt heard, understood, and that the company was truly investing in them on a personal level. 

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Greenhouse Can Help You

Meet Aparna

Managing VP, Small Business Cards
Capital One

Aparna is a Managing Vice President at Capital One, covering Small Business Cards, and is Head of Card Products & Acquisition Strategy.  

Over the course of the past few years, Aparna's team has experience massive amounts of change and growth.

Aparna knows how important is it for associates to feel satisfied in their roles and aligned with their individual purpose and passions, not only for retention reasons, but also for the success of the company overall. 

The Challenge

The fast paced environment of this industry, as well as the explosive growth in recent years, has created a problem where leaders find themselves more focused on delivering results, and less able to spend the time needed to develop their people.

The result - low associate engagement, teams filled with dysfunctional habits, lack of clear direction, and competing instead of collaborating with each other. 

Additionally, as more and more teams have moved to remote working arrangements, trust and vulnerability continues to deteriorate. 

WHat they Tried

It became imperative that something had to change, so Aparna and her team tried to make time and figure things out. 

From leadership meetings to personal discussions, they tried to get unstuck, but found that very little progress was actually being made.

As much as the leaders desired a change, the day-to-day demands of their business took priority, so personal  and team development took a backseat. 

Greenhouse Teams Strategy

Aparna reached out to Greenhouse for help. After assessing the team, Greenhouse developed a 3 pronged solution with coaching, workshops, and a 2-day offsite to help Aparna and her team work towards improved team dynamics and morale. 

The Greenhouse Membership provides each team member with a personalized coaching call each month, plus access to Greenhouse's extensive career development courses and meetups. This allows each associate to take control of their personal development, and take stress off of their leaders. 

Greenhouse gathered the team together for a 2-Day Offsite, where they were led through strategic planning, personality assessment, and team working-rhythm exercises, in order to help the team get on the same page. 

Greenhouse Teams Strategy

Lastly, taking the work done in the 2-day Offsite, Greenhouse schedule individual coaching and several workshops with the teams where they covered topics such as:

• Trust & Safety
• Team Rhythms & Meeting Modes
• Aligning Passions with Roles
• Leading Effective 1:1s and Difficult Conversations

These workshops helped to ensure the teams would continue to move forward with their plans, while also teaching them tools to help foster positive relationships and team dynamics.

Greenhouse Can Help You

Greenhouse's work with Aparna and Capital One resulted in an immediate 25% increase in associate engagement on the team, and a 40% increase in their clarity of priorities and personal work focus. 

Teams began to work together, and they saw a 62% increase of the reported trust on the team. Additionally, leaders reported that the the tools and rhythms Greenhouse helped them establish allowed for them to improve how they tested new ideas and prioritized their work overall. 


Aparna Sarin

BENEFITS OF THE Greenhouse Membership For Teams

Our app doesn't just have resources, but people can interact with our coaches and with each other to exchange ideas and feel a sense of belonging.


Unlimited access to our step-by-step video courses on career fulfillment, role-fit, and leadership development.


Each individual works 1-on-1 with a highly skilled coach each month as they work through our curated leadership topics and skills.

Monthly 1:1 coaching

Guided group sessions to start the week off right by setting your priorities and designing your week to ensure they happen.

Weekly live planning meetup

Guided group sessions designed to dial-in vision, direction, and intentions so that weekly priorities are aligned with the bigger picture.

Quarterly Goal setting meetup

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Along with monthly coaching calls on our curated leadership growth track, your team will also get exclusive access to our premium Digital Courses, community, and Group Meetups for goal-setting and weekly planning.

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Bryan Miles

Co-founder, belay

“What Greenhouse offers you is critical to making a bigger and more meaningful impact. You need to understand your vision and direction to be your most effective self.”


Finding Your Career Sweetspot
Safety & Trust
How to Lead Effective 1-on-1’s
Inspiring an Ownership Mindset
Aligning Roles with Strengths
Meeting Modes & Team Norms
Communication Fundamentals
Be Someone People Love to Talk To
Imposter Syndrome & Self-Doubt
Avoiding Burnout & Meeting Fatigue
Vulnerability & the Gift of Going First
Influence & Judgment
Productivity Trap
Design Thinking & Innovation Sprints
Strategic Planning – Values, Vision, Goals, Rhythms, & Metrics

Our workshops have been described as "Electric!", probably because we facilitate in a unique way that combines authenticity, teaching, and practical exercises that translate to the day-to-day work. Pick the topic that's most relevant, or schedule a call to discuss your custom needs.

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