sculpture that looks different from different angles

Stuck? Reframe.

“If you’re feeling stuck, just talk to someone else.” This is a motto I’ve built into my life, and one I use weekly. Over time and through experience, I’ve realized that my ‘stuckness’ lingers for hours, days, or even weeks […]

Understanding the Place of Values

GUEST CONTRIBUTOR:  TOMMY THOMPSON Those in business are very attuned to discussions about the importance of mission and vision statements, even if they are unclear about the difference between the two. The discussion about values is more complicated, both because […]

Balancing Balance

GUEST CONTRIBUTOR:  ALLIE HARMON For the better part of a year now, I’ve enjoyed working as a remote virtual assistant for two young entrepreneurs. Coming from a more traditional work life (I previously worked as a project manager for a […]

Find Your Rhythm

GUEST CONTRIBUTOR:  TOMMY THOMPSON   Recently I made the arduous trek from Richmond to Washington DC along Interstate 95. For a little while, the trip was smooth, but that rarely lasts long on the nation’s number one most congested corridor. […]