Greenhouse Teams

Do you want to take your team to the next level?  And stop paying for endless training that doesn’t sustain outcomes?

Most training goes like this:  Learn.  Energized.  Go back inspired to make things better.  Busyness.  Old habits are back.  Start over.

Here’s a better way:  Greenhouse Teams is an Integrated Workshop experience, which means our one-of-a-kind strategy provides immediate change, and sustains the momentum until new habits are locked in.  The result is meaningful change that the team owns… and all at a significantly lower cost.

How it works

There are 5 stages of team renovation, each with a 2‑month integrated Workshop.
  • Clarity & Discovery

    Start thinking bigger, challenging the status quo, and creating a vision for how things will change

  • Purpose & Unity

    Clarify the reason the team exists, value it adds and the unique contribution of each member

  • Learn & Grow

    Improve processes, bring innovation to products & services, and do so in a way that actually works

  • Ownership & Clarity

    Understand how each person works, what they bring to the table, and how to tap into existing passions

  • Divide & Multiply

    Document what worked, create a repeatable system, and equip others to extend the renovation

  • After purchase, materials are sent, creating an exciting launch for the team
  • Integrated Workshop kick-off is scheduled to empower the team for the journey
  • Activities begin the day after kick-off, lead by the team change agent, and guided by an expert Greenhouse Culture coach

Outcomes Include

✓ Increased profits and innovation 

✓ Greater team ownership and followthrough 

✓ Culture where people love to come to work 

✓ Faster delivery of work

✓ Leaders freed up to be strategic again 


2-Month integrated workshops

$8,000 each

5-Stage integrated workshop subscription

$2,500 per month

2-Day change agent additional training

$6,900 per attendee



The rules of work have changed.

Leaders are struggling to engage a changing workforce, rapidly mutating technology, and their own desires for career & life.  Organizations are operating with outdated models that are too slow and not delivering innovative solutions.  And to top it off, busyness is ever-increasing.

If you’re like most leaders, you need to make some big changes, but how?

We can help.  And it’s not as complex as you think.  Greenhouse Culture has proven methodologies that create the custom change you need, and integrate personal, team, & organizational goals.

Based on experience from startups to Fortune 100 companies across multiple industries, we know how things actually work, and what approaches are a waste of time & money.

...And just like a thriving greenhouse, we create the conditions in your life and business where growth & fulfillment happen naturally.