Greenhouse Groups

Move from stuck to clear, confident, and committed.

14-week Group Coaching to give you clear direction and a plan for your life.

This structured experience led by Steve and Tommy will provide proven mindsets and strategies for greater success and fulfillment in all areas of your life.


Get Focused On What Matters

There’s so much going on. Everything seems important. It feels overwhelming. Sometimes disorienting. That’s why this group is all about finding what’s most important for you now... to get where you want to be later.

Gain Confidence In Who You Truly Are

You know you have untapped potential, but it’s not quite clear your direction and next steps. That’s why this group focuses on your purpose, your path, and your possibilities... for greater freedom, flexibility, and making a difference.

Decide What’s Next & Set Clear Goals

It’s frustrating to be ready for more, yet feel distracted and inconsistent day to day. That’s why this group nails down your next steps with more clarity and definition, along with reliable systems in your life to reach goals sooner and more consistently.

What’s Included



This group will explore for 14 weeks all of the key elements of developing a wholistic Personal Life Map.

There will be a total of eight 2-hour Zoom video calls with a group not to exceed 12 people – a mix of individuals all seeking to be their best with purpose and clarity.

In between each session, participants will be given a Life Map Resource to complete before the next Zoom session that will walk through a key element of the Life Map.

Participants will also be part of a small Community Group allowing for interaction between meetings. The group will begin early March, with sessions every-other week (day and time designed around the group).

Life Map Schedule:

  • Session 1 – Introduction to Members & Leaders, walk through the Program
  • Session 2 – Personal Values & Vision
  • Session 3 – Life Mission
  • Session 4 – Goal Setting Blueprint
  • Session 5 – YES’s and NO’s
  • Session 6 – Critical Life Systems
  • Session 7 – Relationships for Life
  • Session 8 – Wrap-Up & Next Steps


Sign up before February 12:   $400/mo (6 payments over 6 months)

Option 2:   $500/mo (6 payments over 6 months)

Option 3:   $2,900 (one payment prior to group start)