Know what you want

Know where to focus

Know how to stand out

We can't wait for you to attend this workshop

You can expect to learn the 6 key tools to make your job-search a success, and walk away with the first tool complete.

Find out if there's something you're missing - it could just be one small thing!

Clarify what you want & how to talk about yourself, so you can stand out

Figure out where to start, so you can speed up the process and avoid the common mistakes

Walk away with your next steps to make your job-search a success

I was working what felt like a dead-end job and had practically given up on any better options. Meeting with Sundie gave me the skills and courage I needed to pursue and land my dream job.

Nathan Mills

I’ve sought out coaching and have been participating in Greenhouse precisely because aligning my actions and decisions with my gifts makes the direction I’m traveling in powerful and effective. For me.

Peter K.

I found a community of people seeking personal and professional development that allowed me to feel less alone in my own struggles. It was comforting to hear others’ stories and know that I wasn’t alone...

Susan M.

With [their] support, I have found my first step to paving my way to a new career. [I went] from administrative work to behavioral management in just 5 months. If you are looking for a supportive team to help you discover your potential whether it be professionally or personal, the Greenhouse team is perfect for you.

Leah Anne P.