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what is coaching?

Coaching helps you get from where you are to where you want to be.

There are many approaches to getting unstuck, gaining clarity, and growing into your potential. Most of them leave you unchanged and right back in the same place you started.

Coaching is different. It works because the insights are tailored to you (vs assuming one-size-fits-all answers), and there's accountability to follow through on the action steps you want to take.

High-quality coaching is a unique process that creates real transformation in your life. It's not advice. It's not counseling. It's not consulting. Instead, professional life/leadership/career coaching is a powerful thought-partnership that uncovers the solutions for your personality and your circumstances.

Through a series of strategic conversations with your coach, you will reach your goals with clarity and confidence.

Our approach to coaching works because it combines both insight AND action. We have the track record to prove it, and we want to help you get where you'd like to go.

We have a few different ways we offer coaching at Greenhouse, so you can choose the option that fits you best.

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Access to all of our curated digital Courses

Our private, safe Community + App

Access to all of our curated digital Courses

Our private, safe Community + App

Weekly Meetup to set your priorities + focus

Weekly Group Coaching for Career Sweetspot, Job Seekers, Business Owners

Access to all of our curated digital Courses

Our private, safe Community + App

Weekly Meetup to set your priorities + focus

Weekly Group Coaching for Career Sweetspot, Job Seekers, Business Owners

Monthly 1:1 Coaching with a Greenhouse Coach of your choice (choose your frequency)

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start free trial

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personal COACHING topics

• Mindset & Habits
• Clarity & Confidence
• Overwhelm & Burnout
• Communication fundamentals
• Effective Listening
• Core Values
• Forgiveness
• Imposter Syndrome
• Unpack personality assessment

•  Prioritization
•  Ideal Calendar
•  Goal-setting
•  Meeting Prep
•  Difficult Conversation Prep
•  Leading better 1-on-1's
• Shifting from doer to leader
• Effective delegation
• Developing your team
• Team Norms & Workflow
• Influence & Judgment
• Inspiring ownership & trust

• Find Your Career Sweetspot
• Land Your Ideal Job
• Start Your Dream Business
•  Personal Brand Statement
•  Resume/LinkedIn
•  Interview Prep
•  Offer Negotiation
•  First 90 Days
• Business Ideas
• Business Planning

personal growth

leadership & productivity

job & career

course Catalog

Find your
Career Sweetspot

Start Your 
Dream Business

Set your goals & Intentions 

When you understand what you're good at and what you love to do, figuring out the next steps in your career becomes much clearer.

Learn the 8 essentials to launch and grow your business, including bringing clarity to what your business is and how to leverage your strengths.

A simple process to identify goals and intentions that lead toward your vision. Companion member meetups help you set and refine goals quarterly!

Craft Your Life Vision

Land Your
Ideal Job

Build Your Weekly Rhythm

Brainstorm and get clarity on where you want to go in life and career, so you can prioritize what matters. Companion member meetups guide you through it!

Learn the six key tools to get unstuck in your job-search, and step into what's next with clarity and confidence.

Ditch all the complex productivity hacks and learn this simple rhythm to stay focused on what matters most. Companion member meetups help you set and follow through on priorities!

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The Greenhouse Coaches

Steve Perkins

dana lin

Leadership | Time Mgmt | Business | Career Sweetspot | Team Culture | Vision + Goals | Strategic Planning

Steve is the Founder of Greenhouse and a certified Executive Leadership Coach, focused on coaching leaders and business owners. When he created The Greenhouse Method in 2017, his goal was to help people step into their purpose and live life more fully. His coaching style quickly elevates clients to the next level by combining his expertise in people-leadership, time management, organizational design, Agile methodology, Design Thinking, and personality types. Clients consistently leave sessions feeling energized with practical solutions to problems, clarity on how to leverage their unique abilities to get to the next level, and time-management strategies to stay focused on what matters most.

Career | Business | Stress Mgmt | Mindset | Forgiveness | Imposter Syndrome | Goal-Setting

Dana has been showing teams and leaders how to get unstuck for over 20 years. She’s grown and scaled young businesses, earning them millions in revenue. She enjoys helping high performers pivot into their dream careers and coaching them to negotiate an average of 25% increase in compensation. Her clients rave about her ability to push them toward achieving success without sacrificing their wellbeing because Dana is an expert at avoiding burnout.

sundie marquardt

Communication | Confidence | Career | Leadership | Team Culture | Personal Brand | Public Speaking

More than 10,000 clients over the past 30 years have experienced “lightbulb moments'' thanks to Sundie’s unparalleled coaching skills. Her superpower is the unique ability to empathize with nearly any situation and then strategize to inspire action in her clients. Sundie’s specialties include communication, personal confidence, leadership growth, career coaching, and team engagement. She is a Certified Group Facilitator and has spoken on countless stages where she is consistently rated #1 as the most requested keynote speaker. Sundie leverages her work across multiple industries and her upbeat energy to inject clients with inspiration and clear next steps.