Cliff Notes on Life Leadership and Wisdom

Lately, I’ve been fully immersed in building a community where I can share what I’ve learned about clarifying and living in your Sweetspot (very excited to make it available to you all soon!!!), and it hit me the other day…part […]

How To Get Important Stuff Done

Two of the books I highly recommend are Essentialism and Deep Work. Essentialism is about doing less, but doing it better; about prioritizing the significant stuff over the urgent stuff, and giving it space for focus. Similarily, Deep Work is […]

Sharing Your Work

This has been a difficult post to write. Difficult, because I’m not really sure what it’s about. I think it’s about showing your work. Or what causes people to engage with your work. Or how business is actually about emotions, […]

Action Brings Clarity

Action Brings Clarity. ABC. It’s simple but powerful. When you feel stuck, take action. When you feel unsure, take action. When you don’t quite know the plan or the goal or the direction…do something. Talk to someone. Take action. The […]

Find Your Life Purpose – Part 1 – The ‘WHAT’

I’m going to share a secret with you. It’s not a new idea. But it’s a very misunderstood one. And I’d like to wipe the smudges off, and clear things up. It’s hidden in plain sight. And the reason it’s […]

The Silo Effect: Increasing Your Speed to Market

If you asked a team of 2nd graders to build a fort, how would they organize? A bit of chaos and whining, sure. But they’d probably just get together in the same place, gather their materials, and start working together […]