5 days to get unstuck, define what you do, & launch your new people-helping business


Ready to start your dream business and land that first client? If that sounds like you, then our 5-day Challenge is exactly what you need.

In our FREE 5-Day Challenge, you'll learn the  essentials to landing your first paying client and get a preview of our Launch and Grow Your Business course, where we walk you step-by step on how to:

Clarify your business vision, plan, and direction

Utilize your strengths and passions to make a greater impact

Increase your income and everyday fulfillment

Get ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​unstuck in your career and start looking forward to Mondays!

Gain ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​confidence in who you are, the value you bring, and your next steps to take

    "Since I’m taking care of my elderly parents and my little boy, I should be exhausted. Instead, I’m finding I’m more fulfilled, more joyful and learning more each day about how to better serve others. On top of that I’m growing a thriving business and finding new levels of success as an entrepreneur."

    Johanna S.

    "I was wrestling with what’s next - forced into a career transition and thinking about how to use my skills and experiences doing something I love. Greenhouse helped me clarify my next steps and I made the right shift to start a coaching business where I'm not finding clients."

    Tom B.

    Steve has ways of creating tools and rhythms and habits that actually maximize your potential and purpose in the world. This is WELL worth the price of admission!

    Nicole U.

    With [their] support, I have found my first step to paving my way to a new career. [I went] from administrative work to behavioral management in just 5 months. If you are looking for a supportive team to help you discover your potential whether it be professionally or personal, the Greenhouse team is perfect for you.

    Leah Anne P.

    Are You Feeling.....

    STUCK in your career? You need something new, but not just anything - you want something MEANINGFUL that uses what you're good at.

    Ready to CHANGE CAREERS but don't know what you want to really do? You could really use some guidance and feedback.

    SKEPTICAL about what is going to work, and not wanting to waste your time? You need clarity and a plan.

    A desire for FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY in a business where you can do what you love? 

    Eager to make a transition or build your business? You know you need better systems and more confidence to consistently create customers and income.


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      As a member you'll receive:

      - Unlimited Access to All Courses
      - Onboarding Coaching Call
      - Monthly Masterclasses
      - Weekly & Quarterly Meetups
      - Community Support
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