Stop to get ahead

This is a problem…I can’t even play a little fishy game with my kid, without getting all “life coach-y” on it… Life lessons are seriously everywhere. Perhaps you’ve seen this game. We call it “Fishy Game”. It rotates around, and […]

9 | Creating a Better Daily Rhythm

Leveraging the law of proximity to create healthy technology routines that keep us owning it, versus it owning us. Greenhouse Life Mapping Group Book recommendation: Atomic Habits by James Clear Overwhelmed with everything on your plate? Need help with administrative […]

8 | Slow Down to Speed Up

How can we combat the incessant rushing and addiction to speed that is wired into our culture without sacrificing meaningful productivity? In this episode, Steve and Tommy discuss how learning to slow down may actually help us to be more […]

7 | Discerning Between ‘YES’ and ‘NO’

Overwhelm is real. How can we deal with it? And how can we be aware of the decisions we make, and their impact in our lives? In this episode, Steve and Tommy discuss the power of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, which […]

6 | Greenhouse Effect: Sharpening the Axe

Growth is a byproduct of the habits and practices that define our lives. The right habits and practices lived over weeks, months, years, decades can change the trajectory of a life. Conversely, the wrong habits and practices lived over weeks, […]

5 | Greenhouse Effect: Compound Interest

Certain changes that we make in our lives, both good ones and bad ones, have a compounding impact for years to come. Potent growth comes by choosing those repetitive practices that propel us toward the person we want to become. […]

4 | Greenhouse Effect: Framing the Day

The morning is the time when so much positive possibility exists. We can enjoy precious, unrushed time with God. The problem is that many of us, exhausted from the night before, have left only a few minutes, if that, for […]

3 | Greenhouse Effect: The Path Principle

Many people have great intentions in reaching their dreams, but never seem to get beyond dreaming. Understanding the Path Principle can help us move effectively from Point A, where we are, to Point B, the place of our dreams. Book […]

2 | Greenhouse Effect: Our Stories

Steve and Tommy share their personal stories about discovering their life missions, seeking to live them out, and how they arrived at the launch of this podcast. Free yourself up to operate in your sweet spot by partnering with a […]

1 | Greenhouse Effect

What is the Greenhouse Effect anyway? In this first episode, Steve and Tommy explain how to fulfill your potential in all areas of life. And how to make that kind of growth and success keep happening automatically. Leave a rating […]